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Not handled well

June 14, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

It may be human nature to complain about the past or present City Council and it is always easier to tear down a visionary plan than create one. But here is a thought on how things can be done differently.

Let's have a system of accountability that does not support our current political system of "heads I win; tails you lose" kind of game. Where personal and political attacks are put forth, but are not fact checked or challenged. When practitioners assume no personal responsibility for the accuracy or consequences of what they say or do. Is it too much to ask to have a City Council and those who are politically active to act as grown-ups (much less statesmen)?

The point of change must come from The Messenger and other media to start taking a more active role in not just reporting the fleeting instant, but holding accountable those people and politicians for the things they say and do. When The Messenger and other media start issuing accuracy scorecards, this group of C.A.V.E. people will shut up in a big fat hurry. ...

Whether the crosstown connector could have been helped by having a more strident voice for accountability is not clear. What is clear, things could not have been handled worse.

Doug Sanders

Fort Dodge



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