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Lauds Steve King

June 23, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

We should all thank Congressman Steve King for his opposition to Obamacare and a little known provision contained in that bill creating the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This powerful board of unelected bureaucrats should be a loud alarm to everyone, because its sole responsibility is to restrict access to health care for seniors, veterans and our military families.

This panel was set up to reduce savings in Medicare and while that seems like a step in the right direction, it actually prevents patients from receiving the care they need. Once Medicare spending is determined to be too high, the panel then begins to ration health care by not allowing people to get the treatments, or procedures they need.

Iowa has a high population of elderly citizens and the panel would specifically make it harder for them to receive medical care by reducing the Medicare reimbursement paid to doctors in Iowa. Iowa's reimbursement rates are already substantially lower than private plans and have caused some physicians to stop accepting new Medicare patients. Further lowering the reimbursement rate will only make this problem worse.

I commend Congressman King for his firm stance against an unelected panel of bureaucrats making healthcare decisions for the citizens of this country. If spending cuts need to be made, they should be made by our elected officials in the light of day.

Jean Toillion

Eagle Grove



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