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Responds to attack on unions

July 30, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Glenn Smith was working in a union for three years and all he had to say about it was how he thinks the unions drove up the cost of everything. His article was all about the money. I worked for CNWRR and the Union Pacific for 38 years. Read your history books, Mr. Smith, before you go off on unions. One of the oldest unions in the U.S. is the Brotherhood of Locomotion Engineers, 1848, and it wasn't about wages, it was about safety. In 1912 the state of New York lost 6,000 people due to passenger derailments. If it wasn't for the unions and the federal government there still wouldn't be any safety devices. Railroaders were working 16-hour days, dropped to 14 in 1973, dropped to 12 in 1975, currently working 12. The business tycoons would be hauling in all the profits and there still wouldn't be any safety devices if not for unions. If John Lewis, a former Iowan, had not formed unions for the coal miners how many miners would we have lost from cave-ins and black lung disease throughout the generations? If not for unions most of the country would not be celebrating the 12 holidays, a five-day work week or vacation days. Do you really think corporate America cares about anyone below upper management?

The next time you get in your car or tractor think about that CEO and the millions he is costing you? What about Wall Street bailouts that kept us from going into a depression. The bonuses they gave away, did you get any?

Yes, some unions have gotten out of hand and every walk of life doesn't need a union. Farmers turned down the NFO, for good reasons I'm sure.

Made in America was and continues to be going south because of greed, not unions. You need to think outside the dollar.

I've never been to Russia and never want to. That was a past communist country, no longer.

The nation's unions are not led by the Democrats for your information. Many workers are Republicans, and many Republicans favor unions and go after the vote. Many workers are still confused that the Republicans will save their almighty dollar. They won't, only for the CEOs and above.

Thank you for getting my dander up.

Eddie Simpson




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