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Wants handicap permit returned

August 11, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

I have lived long enough now that very few things can truly upset me. But recently someone took my daughter's handicap permit out of her car while the car was at the pool in Fort Dodge. To look at our 37-year-old daughter, Jamie, she appears normal. Many people with a handicap permit hanging in their car appear perfectly normal but Jamie is a fragile diabetic. Not only does she wear the largest diabetic pump manufactured to sustain her life, but also must give herself three (or more) shots a day to keep blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible under the circumstances.

Over the years, numerous diabetic sores have appeared, some taking months to heal. If you have seen a diabetic sore you know they are grotesque looking and she also harbors MERSA which hinders the healing of the sore. Two years ago, she had a toe amputated due to the diabetes.

To add to her health problems, Jamie had her thyroid removed. Cancer was found in the thyroid, in the thyroid bed and in the back of her throat. She is not yet cancer-free but doing well as our family waits on pins and needles for the recheck results.

Every step that Jamie takes could easily be the beginning of a new sore. And since Jamie does have an immunity disorder, this list of ailments would be lengthy if I had included all of them.

So to the person(s) who stole her permit, I ask you just how badly did you need her permit? She has yet to inquire what it will take to get a replacement. My husband and I beg you to give Jamie's permit back to her and then apply for your own. No questions will be asked, please just return her permit as soon as possible.

Madonna Lowe




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