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Wants better leaders

August 17, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

According to the Washington Post, this summer and fall the two presidential candidates will spend more time at fundraising events with big donors than at campaign events with voters. This says all you need to know about each candidate priorities and they aren't you and me. With the Electoral College system, except in swing states, votes count only for show, not substance.

If, however, candidates and parties had to take into account what some Reagan Democrat in Ohio thinks or what a Montana cowboy and some Chardonnay-sipping, Prius-driving Californian thought, we would have a whole different political landscape, regardless of how many billions are spent.

What we need is a leader that stands for all Americans not just special interest or some non-functioning ideology. We need someone who shows leadership by moving this utterly depressing campaign beyond simply trashing the other person. That may pass for leadership in Washington or the Bain boardroom, but to the rest of the country it is little more than grade-school name-calling.

Adult voters actually respond to substance, vision, leadership and honesty. Neither of these two candidates seems capable of anything but the same old Washington circle dance.

Doug Sanders, Fort Dodge



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