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New schools, new schedules

Students prepare to hit the books again

August 19, 2012
By JOE SUTTER, , Messenger News

The imminent school year promises many changes, for students leaving summer behind and especially for students who will be moving to new schools.

Sidney Messerly, Hannah Zinnel and Devyn Scott will all be entering sixth grade at St. Edmond Middle School.

"I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time not because we're going to switch classes," Messerly said while shopping in Crossroads Mall. "I am happy because I'm going into middle school."

Zinnel said she was feeling "excited, but scared because we have all new art teachers, gym teachers and a new school. We switch from the old part to the new part."

Scott said she was apprehensive for the same reasons, but she's also excited because she anticipates having more serious projects in art class.

"Now we get to do things," she said.

For Messerly and Scott, the best thing about summer was going to the Rosedale Rapids aquatic center. Zinnel had a great time "just hanging out with my friends."

Back to school time is a transition for all ages, including very young students.

Cody Hamburger, who was checking out books at the Fort Dodge Public Library Wednesday, will be enter first grade at Butler Elementary in Fort Dodge. This will be his first full year at the school. He's already seen it and formed an impression.

"It was kind of different," Hamburger said. "It was bigger."

As he says goodbye to a summer of swimming and dirt bike racing, he's beginning to get excited about the school year.

Lilly Johnson, another Fort Dodge first-grader, is excited to go back to school too.

"I'm excited to learn more stuff," Johnson said. "I like learning about almost everything."

Back at the mall Jordan Dirks, a freshman from Pocahontas, said he was eager for football to start, especially because this year he's entering high school.

"It's great," Dirks said. "I'm practicing with the big boys now."

This year, Fort Dodge Senior High switched over to a trimester schedule, meaning there's one more thing for students to adapt to.

"I'm actually a little bit upset, because it's a new trimester," said senior Darien Walsh. "They did change my Dodger Time, and I've had the same Dodger Time with my choir teacher for four years, and now they changed it.

"Otherwise I'm looking forward to it."

FDSH junior Bella Chou wasn't sure what she looked forward to the most.

"I guess because we're changing to the trimester, it is a lot more work, but at the same time, the school has a lot more classes you can take, and I'm looking forward to some of them."

Chou said the best part of summer was "just having the time off to relax, because the school year really does get so hectic with all the classes and extracurriculars I'm involved in."

She's trying to prepare for the new schedule.

"I'm attempting to wake up earlier, not that I've been entirely successful," she said. "Success rate - less than 50 percent."

For FDSH freshman Carter Lomicka, the change is welcome.

"It's definitely going to be exciting," Lomicka said. "You know, all new school, all new teachers, it's going to be a rush.

"I guess band I'm looking forward to most, because we'll get to play on the football fields a lot. The teachers say we get to be the voice of the school."

He is also looking forward to some of his science classes.

"I've been trying to get back on schedule for the school year, wake up a little earlier and go to bed a little earlier just to get back on track," he said. "I'm definitely ready for school to start. But I guess a few more days would be nice."



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