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Fed up with Mediacom

August 24, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

While it seems to me that it would make good business sense for Mediacom to fix the many problems with its service and customer service, I recently discovered that they would rather just create a corporate team to credit customers' accounts to temporarily placate them.

After months of having intermittent service, poor customer service, broken promises from them and when I ask for a supervisor getting told that the person does not have a supervisor, I finally had enough and called the corporate office. I briefly told receptionist my problem and she immediately told me she would connect me to the Presidential Team.

After a very brief wait, a very friendly gal came on the line and I explained my issues. She looked up my account, read the months of notes from my numerous complaint calls and apologized for my troubles. Without a fight, she gave me a very reasonable compensation deal, promised to look into issues with why I was not getting calls back when promised and scheduled another appointment for a tech to come to my home.

While my problem is not yet solved, at least I was credited more than the insulting $17 the local rep gave me and I now have a number directly to corporate to have issues addressed. I will never call the 800 number listed in the phone book again.

For all those fellow users of Mediacom who have less than desirable service, here is the number to the corporate presidential team: (845) 695-2600.

Perhaps if enough people call them directly, we may get better service.

However, that is probably putting more faith in Mediacom than they deserve.

Michelle Hammersland

Fort Dodge



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