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Opposes Romney-Ryan ticket

August 28, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

How can a man who loves his mother, loves his sisters, loves his wife and loves his daughters and granddaughters even consider electing a pair of politicians who have openly and proudly campaigned to defund and/or erase all programs that take care of those women he loves? They seem to want to move back women's rights back to time that women were considered second-class citizens. Taking away the right for a woman to make her own health choices, to make equal pay, to compete in a "man's world."

This same pair believes that it's not important for any minority to succeed - blacks, women, and future generations. The threats against Medicare and Social Security, not to mention the many social programs that help our population that are facing desperate needs; just in order to better themselves to become productive human beings. Believe it or not, most receiving this help from these programs would much rather have the same opportunities that the Romney and Ryan children have, if given a choice.

I implore everyone to please do the research on the candidates, find out how they voted on issues important to you and your family. Paul Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter legislation that makes it a law to pay women equal pay as men for the same job. Why and who in their right mind would not vote for equality?

Cindy Sturtz

Fort Dodge



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