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Fort Dodge Police Department promotes three

Guthrie, Johnson, Lundberg move up

September 1, 2012
By PETER KASPARI, , Messenger News

Three members of the Fort Dodge Police Department are settling into their new roles after being promoted last week.

While the officers are new to their roles, they've all been a part of the Fort Dodge Police Department for years.

Chuck Guthrie, who was promoted to lieutenant, has been with the department since June 1995.

Article Photos

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
Fort Dodge Police Lt. Chuck Guthrie, center, poses with Sgt. Matt Lundberg, left, and School Resource Officer Joelyn Johnson. The three officers were recently promoted to new ranks within the department.

"During my tenure I've been a patrol officer on different shifts," he said. "Then I became a school liaison and served in that position from 1998 until late 2001."

A retired master sergeant who spent 21 years in the military, Guthrie was promoted to police sergeant in 2006 and became the school resource officer in 2010.

"My job will be to be highly motivated and energetic, and to expect my team to maintain a positive attitude at all times," he said. "I want to give the citizens of Fort Dodge a good community service base from our department using proactive ways."

Guthrie, who starts as a lieutenant Friday, is training Officer Joelyn Johnson, who will succeed him as the school resource officer.

Johnson joined the Fort Dodge Police Department in October 2007.

"Approximately three years ago I started working in the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Task Force," she said. "My responsibility is to educate the kids in both online and offline safety."

Johnson said she will have many responsibilities as the school resource officer.

"I'll be interacting with the kids as they're in school acting as a crime deterrent," she said. "It will give the kids a chance to have a police presence around them more commonly and allow them to see police on a different level than they might encounter in the community."

She'll also be serving as the department's first community resource officer, which will involve her establishing relationships between the police and community.

One of the new initiatives Johnson will be a part of is Business Watch. Police Chief Tim Carmody described it as similar to Neighborhood Watch, a group of community members who come together with the intention of keeping their neighborhoods safe.

"Local businesses have talked to us about programs that can help them and other businesses," Carmody said. "For example, let's say a business is given a bad check. They can then get the word out to other businesses so they can look out for it. Or if there's a fraud scheme, they can share their information."

She'll also be involved with Citizen's Academy, an FDPD-sponsored class that shows community members a behind-the-scenes look at public safety agencies in Webster County and Fort Dodge. Carmody said applications for the third class are due Sept. 21.

The third officer to be promoted is Matt Lundberg, who began working as a sergeant on Tuesday.

Lundberg joined the Fort Dodge Police Department in 2008 after spending five years as a reserve officer.

"I'm in charge of helping to supervise my shift and making sure it runs smoothly," he said. "In the absence of the lieutenant, I am in charge of the shift."

His responsibilities also include overseeing reports and taking charge of crime scenes.

"I make sure everything is being covered," he said. "I see that the reports are being taken promptly and properly. I also help the officers when they need help or if they need another officer available."

A member of the Special Emergency Response Team, Lundberg said being a sergeant will be a change for him.

"It's nice learning the new responsibilities, but I also enjoy being right there in the middle of things," he said. "It's a challenge to have to step back a little bit and see the big picture as opposed to being right there in the middle."

Johnson said it'll be a challenge to get to know everybody she'll have to interact with as the school resource officer.

"There's lots of new students I'll be meeting and coming into contact with," she said. "I want to establish a good rapport with them, and to do that they need to know who I am."

Guthrie said he is looking forward to his challenges.

"My challenge will be having a new shift," he said. "They all know me and know I'm professional, and they've never seen me in a situation that would be unbecoming of an officer. My biggest goal is, when I leave this department, to be remembered for all the positive things I did here."

Though all of the officers face new challenges in their jobs, they are all looking forward to the opportunities that await them.

For Johnson, working with the children of Fort Dodge is something she's aspired to do for a long time.

"I look forward to giving them a positive image of the department," she said. "Hopefully along the way I can reach out and help the kids through their life's journey."

Lundberg said becoming a sergeant will help him out both personally and professionally.

"It's a way for me to grow as a person within the department," he said. "It's a change of gears for me to have to stand back and look at it as more of an overview instead of getting my hands in there."

Guthrie said he will use his new job as a chance to develop his leadership skills.

"I look forward to using my leadership abilities and working with my shift," he said. "I'm a very hands-on leader, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but there's a part of the leadership process where I will have to allow my officers to do their job. I want to make sure the community is satisfied with our ability to provide a public service to them."

Carmody said he is confident that the three officers will succeed in their new jobs.

"All three have stepped up to be a part of these opportunities," he said. "Their excitement and passion is commendable, and I'm excited to see their passion for the job."



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