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Blames Congress

September 3, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Since the presidential campaign between Gov. Romney and President Obama began, 100 U.S senators and 435 U.S. representatives have been sleeping like babies, doing nothing at Congress, while speculating how long it will be before their 12 percent approval rate becomes a national outrage.

Sen. Grassley is 78 years old and has been a politician for 53 years. Sen. Harkin is 73 years old and has been a politician for 38 years. At what point in time will citizen voters begin to focus their attention on these two men and other career politicians like them? Congress is the reason for our failure to progress. It is not about the presidency. It is about professional politicians who are paid an excellent salary with fringe benefits most Americans can only dream about. It's about career politicians who "know what is best for their constituents" even though public polls totally disagree with their decisions or lack of decisions.

Most voters are already turned off by the extremely negative campaign tactics exhibited by President Obama and Gov. Romney. Nothing is going to change these strategies. However, now is the time for every form of media to highlight the current "do nothing House and Senate." And, with ardent fervor, pressure politicians like Sen. Harkin and Sen. Grassley to combine their vast political experience and get this country moving in a positive direction.

Congress is the primary reason why this great country cannot move forward. Fortunately, for every member of Congress, our media is focused on a presidental campaign, which is diverting attention from Congress and their total inability to move this great country forward; to make sure "too big to fail" can never happen again; and, stop deficit spending.

Steve Blair

West Bend



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