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‘What is next?’

September 8, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

Today, I listened to a CD by a financial expert, and the gentleman is just that.

That man has studied the future for many years, and advised a few on investments. I am certain that would have been an interesting position to be in, over the years. He has been deeply involved for over 30 years now, and he knows the game. I did not have the opportunity that he has had, but I studied from a different angle. I started working in Algona in 1943. My starting wage was 30 cents per hour. Really. The world was moving at the normal slow pace, and you earned your wages. By 1960, when Kennedy was elected, he was a liberal, and he pushed his new agenda. Well, that speeded the nation to a faster pace, not necessarily better. Then we had LBJ and the Great Society, the government is there for everyone, so no one needed worry ever again.

There always has been so many gullible people, and they took the bait, full bore. That set the stage for the thought that the government is big brother, oh yes. Little by little, progressive and liberal theology crept into the public sector. That brought the advent of public sector unions, and inflation was on the way. With too much government, too much regulation, one thing led to another, look out. The unions began to demand more, and the politicians supplied the filthy lucre. With each new idea, came more and more graft and corruption, and the ball was rolling down the road. Where was it going, no one stopped to think.

The practice of borrowing money, to finance more wild dreams of politicians. Then became a standard practice. The end was not considered, just the glory. We moved ahead fast over the last 50 years. We borrowed the needed money, with no thought of the future. The future is here. Are you ready?

The French, during their revolution, had to find an answer, and they did just that. Are we at that point, look in the mirror, then look at your family, are they better off. My wife and I taught ours that the future is so uncertain, without God's hand. When the world said there is no God, they went their own way. Take a look. Liberalism became the biblical plague, that is engulfing the world. What is next?

Glenn L. Smith




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