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Backs Romney

September 24, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

At the Democratic National Convention held recently, it was declared that Mitt Romney has waged war on women. This, however, is opposite of the truth. Gov. Romney, throughout his career, has demonstrated a clear pattern of employing the best and brightest women to advise, employ and direct his efforts and accomplishments. From his choice of Kerry Healey as his lieutenant governor., senior adviser, Beth Myers, spokesperson Andrea Saul, to Jane Edmonds, a Democrat asked by Romney to head the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development, Mitt Romney has a longstanding, provable record of acknowledging women as invaluable in all aspects of our work force. In Edmond's own words, "Before Governor Romney took office in 2003, women were significantly underrepresented among top roles in government, with 52 percent of the population but just 30 percent of the jobs ... over the next two and a half years, 42 percent of the new appointments made by Gov. Romney were women ... this achievement happened because Mitt Romney cared about the issue, he took action to fix it and he delivered results."

Beyond the workplace, the measure of Mitt's respect for women is witnessed in his marriage of 43 years. Ann Romney remembers more than a few frustrating days at home with her five rowdy boys, and how Mitt would call to tell her how much more important her job was than his own, and that her job had real and lasting significance. Ann has also shared how the deep devotion and love of her husband saw her through severe illness after her diagnosis of M.S. and breast cancer.

Gov. Romney is not the man who has waged war on women. Rather, it is President Obama, as evidenced by his record. Under President Obama, unemployment among women hit a record high, with nearly 5.7 million women currently unemployed and the poverty rate among women rising to 14.5 percent - the highest rate in 17 years. The contrast between the two candidates could not be clearer. Mitt Romney has a stellar proven record with women in his personal life and in the work force. Barack Obama is the man who has waged the war on women.

Christine Thompson

Webster City



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