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Fed up with right wing

October 2, 2012
Messenger News

To the Editor:

Are you like me, totally fed up with the hyperbolic talk surrounding this general election? Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, we have been insulted with half-truths, divisive talk and told outright lies.

Most of the desperate talk has come from the Republicans. I proudly support President Barack Obama. This has led me to write to you. I thought we had come a long way when he was elected president, but old biases remain under the surface. Since his election, he has been accused of not being an American, treated with little respect and not supported by Congress to begin solving major problems involving our economy, jobs, education, Medicare, Medicaid, the middle class, the national debt and foreign policy, just to name a few. And don't forget the social issues, most already law, driven by the radical right fringe, known as the tea party movement.

I feel Mitt Romney is a political opportunist; an empty vessel with ever-changing policy beliefs. He is an intelligent man without a core. He should have known better than to insert politics into our most recent foreign crisis. He seemed to forget we have one president at a time. It made me uncomfortable hearing him talk about the crisis before all the facts were known. Cool heads and diplomacy should prevail.

Another gripe of mine concerns our do-nothing Congress. Instead of compromise and reaching across the aisle, they chose to obstruct and filibuster. They have forgotten they are representing us, not the special interests that buy their votes. We can right this. Vote against those who don't represent our best interests. You know who they are. VOTE DEMOCRATIC! Vote for the Obama-Biden ticket!

Ellen C. Campisi




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