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Backs Steve King

October 12, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

The race for Iowa's 4th Congressional District, offers a very clear choice between a constitutional conservative in Steve King, and a Nancy Pelosi Democrat in Christie Vilsack. Christie Vilsack has said she is running to help President Obama and advance the President's agenda. Her very first vote would be to return Nancy Pelosi to the speaker of the house position.

We simply can't afford Christie Vilsack, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama. Under Pelosi and Obama's failed leadership, our national debt has gone from $8.67 trillion to over $16 trillion. Christie Vilsack has called Steve King's bipartisan balanced budget amendment, to rein in Washington's out-of-control spending "a gimmick."

Typical Americans like you and I know that it is not a "gimmick" to spend less then you have and that our elected officials need to be held to the same standard when spending our tax dollars. Congressman Steve King understands this. Christie Vilsack does not and wants to continue to add to the already unsustainable debt.

Congressman King has a clear plan to get our fiscal house in order by providing businesses the predictability needed to grow and create good paying jobs. I strongly urge you to vote for Congressman Steve King.

John Mallinger

Fort Dodge



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