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Thoughts on debates

October 18, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

After having now had one presidential debate and one vice-presidential debate it is becoming clear the strategy of the Obama camp. That strategy is to tell lies but then run commercials accusing your opponent of lying. The second half of the strategy is to act like a spoiled child. Mr. Obama has concluded he was "too nice" in the first debate. So, along comes Joe Biden to show us how one should really act during a debate. Mr. Biden was disrespectful at best. Throughout the debate he interrupted Mr. Ryan 82 times in 90 minutes. Not only that, he lied and did so knowingly.

I was home with a sick child on Wednesday and so I decided to watch the congressional hearings concerning the attacks in Benghazi. While I found it interesting, it became more interesting during the first 15 minutes of last nights debate. Mr. Biden told three lies right of the bat. The first was that there was never a request for more security. All of the documents and testimony from the state department and congressional testimony shows that extra security was requested in 2012. We also know Ambassador Christopher Stevens had received death threats from al-Qaida in 2012. Lie number two came when Biden again claimed that there was a "protest" going on in Libya and not a terrorist attack. Nobody, except Joe Biden, believes this. In all of the testimony given this week it was clear within 24 hours that this was a terrorist attack. Who goes to a " spontaneous protest" with grenade launchers? The Obama camp, however, didn't want to admit this happened on their watch and so they covered it up as long as they could. Lie number three came when Biden claimed that lack of funding was the problem. In testimony this week, officials closest to the disaster all stated that funding had nothing to do with these attacks.

Let's face it - the real lies are coming from Obama/Biden. These two have lied about Libya and nearly every other topic that has been discussed. Hopefully next week during the presidential debate Mr. Obama will act presidential and have a free exchange of ideas instead of resorting to the boorishness that was displayed by Mr. Biden.

Wade P. Wubben




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