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The preamble

October 23, 2012
Messenger News

To the editor:

What I like about our federal Constitution is the preamble to this great document. The words "provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare" are classics. It gives meaning to our majority and minority protections.

It is not the greedy rich that provide for governmental services. In all wars fought by the United States the bulk of those who fought were not the rich. The military came basically from those who were not of the privileged class. The dead from those wars were sons and daughters of common folks. The rich profited from those sacrifices they made.

The roads built by the common people profited the rich who took advantage of federal programs that fostered industrial programs. It was the common people who did the labor for roads and railroads. Later, the rich industrial captains emerged and sustained their trickle-down theory of economics.

There are status divisions in our society that feeds condescending attitudes towards the middle and lower classes.

Do the rich contribute more to lower the federal deficit? This debt wasn't caused by the middle and lower classes. The common people were at work in schools, offices, factories, military, etc. The kingdom of Wall Street, the Congress and both political parties failed to act for the common good.

The destiny of the middle-income folk looks to those rich entrepreneurs like Gates and Buffet who give back to society what the common people of the middle class and the working poor contributed.

Subsidies and entitlements by the federal government played a key role in past history. It is a history of providing financial aid and legislation favoring the success and growth of corporate America. It appears that the rich look upon the common worker as a hindrance to balancing the federal budget. However, an unbalanced budget hinders the middle class and the working poor more than the entrenched rich.

Politically, we are drifting into a futuristic America of the haves and the have-nots. That is the cost of trickle-down economics rather than revenue producing policies similar to FDR's promoting of the general welfare during the New Deal days.

Kermit N. Smith

Fort Dodge



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