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Romney is best choice

November 4, 2012
Messenger News

Every four years, American voters have the opportunity to help determine who will lead the nation for the years just ahead. Choosing the right person for that job is always important. Sometimes, however, the differences between the candidates are so minimal that the nation's future course will be much the same no matter which candidate wins. This is not one of those years.

The American economy has been in crisis since before President Barack Obama took office. As he began his term, the most severe financial downturn since the Great Depression led to huge numbers of Americans out of work. Obama's solution was to increase massively federal government spending. It was argued that running huge deficits was justified because doing so would jump-start economic growth.

Four years later, it is clear that the Obama game plan just isn't working. Unemployment remains high. Additionally, many people who have jobs are underemployed with little chance that their situation will soon improve.

Massive deficit spending during Obama's term produced $5 trillion in additional federal government debt, but did not generate much economic growth - only about 2 percent a year. At that rate, unemployment would remain high far into the future and federal deficits would be huge unless spending was cut back drastically.

To get America working again and bring deficit spending under control, it is vital that the U.S. economy grow at a much faster rate than it is currently.

Throughout American history, times of prosperity have been closely linked to the existence of a robust private sector. Mitt Romney's plan for creating jobs and reducing government debt has been crafted to take advantage of the private sector's potential. He advocates:

Facilitating aggressive private-sector development of the nation's vast untapped energy resources, thereby generating jobs and reducing American dependence on imported oil;

Making international trade more profitable for U.S. companies by insisting that all nations adhere to agreed-upon rules that ensure fair competition;

Reforming the education system to improve the match between the skills students develop and those potential employers require;

Cutting the size of government to help reduce the federal deficit;

Improving the ability of small businesses to thrive by making regulatory requirements less onerous and

Reforming the tax code to reduce tax rates for all Americans.

The choice Americans face in this election is unusually clear. Obama wants to keep the role of the federal government in economic matters large. Romney argues that the private sector can and will lead the way back to prosperity if government policies create a business-friendly environment.

We have tried Obama's approach. Despite the best of intentions, it is not producing the results he promised.

This country must not endure four more years of economic sluggishness. Romney's strategy for the future has a good chance of generating the prosperity we so badly need. His vision for America is the right one. His careers in both government and the business world have provided him with the skills and expertise necessary to succeed grandly as the nation's chief executive.

The Messenger strongly supports Mitt Romney for president.



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