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In this election, nearly 75 percent voted

Absentee and early voters were 40 percent of results

November 8, 2012

Although final numbers are not yet calculated, initial results show that Tuesday's voter turnout in Webster County was about average for a major election year.

As of Wednesday afternoon, out of 24,548 registered voters in Webster County's 28 precincts, 18,296 had cast their ballots for a voter turnout of 74.53 percent.

"Unofficially, we have had 18,296 voters," said Webster County Auditor Carol Messerly.

Deadline for voter preregistration was Oct. 27, and any voters registered by that date were counted among the 24,548.

Messerly said the numbers do not include voters who may have registered at the polls or late absentee ballots.

"Absentee ballots are postmarked the day before the election," said Messerly. "There were some provisional ballots that didn't get processed with the figures we had Tuesday night."

Of the votes counted Tuesday evening, 10,972 of them were cast at polling places throughout the county. An additional 7,324, roughly 40 percent, were absentee or early voters.

Deadline for early voting was 5 p.m. Monday. Most absentee voting took place by mail, Messerly said, although voters had the option of voting in person at the auditor's office or at one of three satellite polling places set up at Iowa Central Community College, Coppin Chapel and Athletics For Education and Success.

According to Messerly, about 16 percent of early or absentee ballots are cast in person, with around 84 percent mailed in.

"We had 7,937 requested absentees, but that doesn't mean they are all in yet," said Messerly.

That number is up more than 1,900 from the 6,012 absentee ballots counted in 2008.

The 74 percent voter turnout is about average for Webster County, Messerly said.

"Anywhere from 18,000 to 19,000 is an average number for a presidential election year," she said. "It's been comparable to any other year."



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