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Webster County 4-H’ers receive awards Sunday

November 26, 2012
Messenger News

Following are the award winners who were recognized during the annual Webster County 4-H Leaders Recognition and 4-H Awards Banquet Sunday.

Badger Builders: Jr. Achievement Awards: Chipper Cisco and Dartangan Dohrn. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Tielyr Clabaugh. Senior Achievement Awards: Darien Walsh. Officer Awards: Ica McMahon, Historian; Elizabeth McMahon, Photographer; Darien Walsh, President; Dartangan Dohrn, Recreation Leader; Michael Martin, Reporter; Landon McMahon, Secretary; Shane Greve, Vice President

Country Charmers: Senior Achievement Awards: Rebecca Nellis and Katelyn Pliner

C/C Sidekicks: Intermediate Achievement Awards: Noelle Barber, Patrick Carter, Adam Ladlie, Mercedes Loehr. Senior Achievement Awards: Jacob Ladlie and Charles Shelton. Officer Awards: Charles Shelton, President; Adam Ladlie, Reporter; Mercedes Loehr, Treasurer

Dayton Tigers: Junior Achievement Awards: Maggie Anderlik, Randy Andrews, Jaynie Ferrari, Jordan Johnson, Cassidy Lambert, Taegen Long, Karrigan Mentzer, Jayden Muench. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Joel Anderson, Nick Eslick, Owen Oeltjenbruns. Senior Achievement Awards: Abby Anderlik, Libby Anderlik, Kierra Eldridge, Daniel Eslick Jossie Ferrari, Torrie Ferrari, Trey Kahl-Long, Tracy Oeltjenbruns, Caitlin Pace. Officer Awards: Trey Kahl-Long, Historian; Caitlin Pace, Reporter; Torrie Ferrari, Secretary

Douglas Dreamers: Junior Achievement Awards: Brooklin Border, Morgan Border, Haley Dow, Anna Lewandowski, Christian Lundberg and Emma Pinkelman. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Carrie Anderson, Luke Lewandowski, Danae Pingel, Sydnee Waggoner. Senior Achievement Awards: Kelsey Albrecht, Jacob Lewandowski, Dan Mallinger, Maric Salocker. Officer Awards: Emily Garst and Brett Lewandowski, President; Ashton Acree, Christian Lundberg, and Brooklin Border, Recreation Leader; Jerry Johnson, Reporter; Kelsey Albrecht, secretary; Carrie Anderson, Treasurer; Dan Mallinger, Vice President; and Maric Salocker, Vice President

Elkhorn Eagles: Junior Achievement Awards: Madyson Jaeschke and Nathan Montgomery. Intermediate Achievement: Anna Heatherington and Dakota Jaeschke. Senior Achievement: Nicholas Montgomery, Taylor Montgomery, Karlee Walker. Officer Awards Madyson Jaeschke, Photographer; Taylor Montgomery, President; Nathan Montgomery, Recreation Leader; Anna Heatherington, Secretary; Nicholas Montgomery, Treasurer; Dakota Jaeschke, Vice President

Elkhorn Earlybirds: Junior Achievement Awards: Kylie Clark and Jessica Shirbroun. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Rachel Rethwisch. Senior Achievement Awards: Breanna Anderson, Zane Barber, Kaitlyn Clark, Allison Lansman, Kristen Reeves, Sarah Rethwisch. Officer Awards: Allison Lansman, President; Rachel Rethwisch, Reporter; Sarah Rethwisch, Secretary; Breanna Anderson, Vice President

Fort Dodge Falcons: Junior Achievement Awards: Elizabeth Hildreth. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Cole Davis and Olivia Hildreth. Senior Achievement Awards: Zoe Hildreth, Ben Hildreth, Ann McLoughlin. Officer Awards: Ann McLoughlin, President; Zoe Hildreth, Vice President; Cole Davis, Photographer; Jessica Jordison, Recreation

Gowrie Groundbreakers: Junior Achievement Awards: Samantha Alphs, Ben Carlson, Maddy Christensen, Daniel Johnson, Parker Johnson, Jarrett Loseke, Ahren Marburger, Melissa Pautsch, Matthew Ross, Megan Seil. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Joshua Carlson, Dylan Johnson, Hannah Peterson, Kendall Sandgren. Senior Achievement Awards: Hannah Carlson. Officer Awards: Kendall Sandgren, Historian; Hannah Peterson and Kendall Sandgren, Photographer; Hannah Carlson, President; Jensen Sandgren, Secretary; Mariah Welter, Treasurer; Abby Peterson, Vice President

Independent Member: Senior Achievement Award, Sadie Lewman

Johnson Jaguars: Junior Achievement Awards: Garrett Barker, Jacob Cook, Nelson Cook, Rachel Copper, Erin Eldridge, Kalista Herr, Gina Kramer, Savannah Michalski, Sydney Michalski, Alexis Stuhrenberg. Intermediate Achievement: TJ Nelson, Emma Stuhrenberg, Nathan Walsh, Drew Samuelson. Senior Achievement Awards: Hannah Lentsch, Nichole Licht, Mackenzie Nelson, Jenna Sankey, Kelsey West. Officer Award: Emma Stuhrenberg, Historian; Sara Wedemeyer, Photographer; Nichole Licht, President; Elizabeth Woltman, Secretary; Cory Wolff, Treasurer; Hannah Lentsch, Vice President

Lost Grove Harvesters: Senior Achievement Award: Emma Kiefer. Officer Awards: Marydith Barkley, Photographer; Zachary Hansen, President; Chelsea Grossnickle, Recreation Leader; Josh Barkley, Vice President

Nifty Newark: Junior Achievement Awards: Dallas Hammitt, Josie Schild, Amber Westling. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Maxwell Bodholdt, Mallory Hammitt, Justin Schild, Raechel Spangler. Senior Achievement Awards: Madison Bodholdt, Derek Hammitt, Aaron Martin, Stephanie Martin. Officer Awards: Aaron Martin, President; Derek Hammitt, Recreation Leader; Justin Schild, Reporter; Mallory Hammitt, Vice President

Shutterbugs: Senior Achievement Award: Zoe Schneider

SonRays: Junior Achievement Awards: Abigail Chalstrom, Anna Lynn Hermanson. Intermediate Achievement Award: Hannah Campbell, Ruth Chalstrom. Senior Achievement: Aaron Campbell, Alexis Hermanson. Officer Awards: Jacob Lewandowski, President; Luke Lewandowski, Vice President; Anna Lewandowski, Recreation Leader

Washington Winners: Junior Achievement Awards: Evan Anderson, Nick Corey, Ryan Fransen, Leah Gibbons, Lauren Harris, Christine Housken, Leslie Housken, Justin Koester, Thomas Lennon, Olivia Mitchell, Ashley Nieland, Daven Rees, Hannah Rees, Daryan Scharf, Dillon Sytsma. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Madison Anderson, Josh Gibbons, Collin Harris, Austin Stewart, Devin Summers, Matt Fransen. Senior Achievement Awards: Samantha Dischler, Nolan Mitchell. Officer Awards: Josh Gibbons, Lauren Harris, Justin Koester, Ashley Nieland, Historian; Olivia Mitchell, Photographer; Devin Summers, President; Leah Gibbons, Leslie Housken, Thomas Lennon, Austin Stewart, Recreation Leader; Samantha Dischler, Reporter; Daven Rees, Secretary; Collin Harris, Treasurer; Nolan Mitchell, Vice President

4-H'ers who had completed their first year in 4-H were also recognized during the evening.

4-H award of clover pins and certificates were presented for volunteers serving five, ten, fifteen and twenty years as a 4-H volunteer. Five years of service to the 4-H program receive the silver clover pin: Mike Erritt, horse project leader and superintendent; Mary Patterson, horse project leader; and Joy Thoma, Youth Committee member and volunteer.

Receiving a gold pin for 10 years of service: Rick Carter, rabbit superintendent; Teresa Carter, rabbit project leader; and Mike Peterson, rabbit and poultry project leader.

Other years of service: Ginny Settell received recognition for serving as a volunteer for 20 years; Brian and Jeannie Dencklau received the sapphire pin for being the dog project leaders and superintendents for 35 years.

Leaders thanked for working with youth are: Katie Dodson and Tammy McKimmey as leaders of the Dayton Tigers; Laurie Kalahar as leader of the Gowrie Groundbreakers; and Angie and Jeff Peterson as rabbit project leaders.

County project awards were presented to the 4-H members by Extension staff members and the County Youth and 4-H Committee members. 4-H'ers had to submit their record keeping materials in order to be considered for these awards. Citizenship, communication, and leadership were considered when selections were made.

Mackenzie Nelson: Beef, Communications; Rebecca Nellis: Child Development, Leadership; Zoe Schneider: Communications, Photography, Clothing Selection, Long Time Record Book; Rachel Rethwisch: Communications, Food and Nutrition; Darien Walsh: Communications, Long Time Record Book; Charles Shelton: Entomology; Kelsey Albrecht: Food and Nutrition, Photography; Nolan Mitchell: Public Speaking; Ica McMahon: Long Time Record Book; Jacob Lewandowski: $15 Challenge; Mallory Hammitt: Long Time Record Book

Chicago Award Trip Participants: Darien Walsh, Ica McMahon, Nolan Mitchell

Achievement Awards: Sarah Rethwisch, Nolan Mitchell, Ica McMahon, Darien Walsh

The Outstanding Consumer Sciences award is given annually to a Senior 4-Her and is based on consideration of the entire career of the member, including presentations at meetings, fair exhibits and citizenship activities. The 2012 award was presented to Sarah Rethwisch of Fort Dodge.

An award was given to nine 4-H'ers for their extra work and dedication to the 4-H program. This award called the "4-H Spirit" Award was given at the Junior level to Brooklin Border of the Douglas Dreamers, Ethan Recker of the C/C Sidekicks, Hannah Rees of the Washington Winners; at the Intermediate level to Shane Greve of the Badger Builders, Luke Lewandowski of the Douglas Dreamers and Cory Wolff of the Johnson Jaguars; Senior Level to Zane Barber, Elkhorn Earlybirds, Darien Walsh of the Badger Builders, and Derek Hammitt, Nifty Newark.

College scholarships were presented: The Bill & Pat Coffey Memorial Scholarship was presented to Darien Walsh. Coffey was the Webster County Extension Director at the time of his death in 1993. The Webster County Fairboard Scholarship was presented to Breanna Anderson. Other Memorial Scholarships that were given include: the Sharon Lemkau Memorial Scholarship given to Sarah Rethwisch; a memorial scholarship was given to Ashley Edge to recognize Gene and Shirley Anderson, to Caitlin Pace to recognize MaryAnn Haase, to Nolan Mitchell to recognize Irene McLuckie, to Hank Lentsch to recognize Fred Stanek, and to Ica McMahon to recognize Mabelle Stanek. The Des Moines River Valley Tractor and Engine Club Scholarship was given to Hannah Lentsch.

The 4-H Alumni Awards were presented to Ray Kauffman of Harcourt, Robert Zaabel of Lehigh and Deb Shelton of Fort Dodge. Kauffman has volunteered with the sheep project and currently serves on the Extension Council. Zaabel is a past member of the Youth Committee, chaperoned 4-H'ers at Conference and will give workshops on horse care. Shelton is currently a leader of the C/C Sidekicks and has chaperoned the CWF trip.

Two adults were recognized as honorary 4-H members by the County Council for their dedication and support to the Webster County 4-H program. They were JoAnn Lennon of Duncombe and Rhonda Fitchett of Fort Dodge. Lennon is currently a leader of the Washington Winners 4-H club and has chaperoned the CWF trip while Fitchett was a leader of the Elkhorn Earlybirds and served on the Youth Committee.



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