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Slotted War shook his head, looked up at the old firm white eyes, a smile, "they understand the difference between the her, do not care. Ruoyin her and dead, War willingly." When he finished, a flying, leaving only scattered petals and broken floor of a to grief. ***** Xia Wanqing exhausted back to the original place to live, unable to lie on blankets on the goose, feeling the neck at the scars, which is slotted War left her. He remembered that night looking like a hedge is generally warm, eyes is heartbreaking pain, that moment, she did not want to, just came up tightly hugged him, and hugged the man alone, but that cold-blooded , only with their own body temperature to warm him. Some thought he had just shy of expression, Xia Wanqing mouth Raising warmth of a smile, "slotted War, how to do, I seem to see through myself." She will head deeply buried in blankets, the breath of fresh taste of the warm sun surrounded around her. Xiawan Qing Zh


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